Kawasan falls, Cebu, Phils.

I love this place.. We went here last oct. 2006 during our last vacation in the Philippines..I had a very sad experience here!! see that falling water!! it is very difficult to fight the power and strength of nature..I can swim but due to the very strong and heavy flow of the waterfalls, you will lost you energy ...the falling water don't tired but the human body get tired....that is why lots of people are get killed here due to drowning...so please be careful if you go to this place...my sister even told me that last Holy week in April '08, a korean guy got drown here..as he dived underneath, he didn't show up anymore....and late comes the dead body...that was so sad and scary!! May his soul rest in peace!!

thanks to my brother-in-law who saved me..I believed he is God's angel sent to save me!!..God really loves me!! that was a new life already!! I hope I can always make the best of it!!!

the very beautiful and attractive waterfalls of Kawasan in Badian, Cebu, Philippines

another small waterfall..there are lots of waterfalls here in Kawasan..big and small ones!! amazing beauty of nature!! really great creation!!

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