Go Travel and See The Bavaria Monument in Munich, Germany

Have you been to the famous Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany? If you did, you already see the big statue named The Bavaria which is located in Theresienwiese in Munich where the popular Oktoberfest is also held every year. The Bavaria symbolizes the state of Bavaria in Germany. If the the United States of America has 55 States, Germany has also 16 States and Bavaria is one of its states and is also the biggest state in Germany. find more info below about The Bavaria Statue;
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The Bavaria statue (German just 'Bavaria') is a bronze-cast statue of a female figure representing Bavaria's "secular patron saint", the Tellus (Mater) Bavarica ("goddess of the land of Bavaria"), located at the border of the Theresienwiese in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, where the Oktoberfest takes place each October.

The statue was commissioned by Ludwig I of Bavaria, and the design chosen by a competition. When the architect Leo von Klenze, building the Ruhmeshalle (Hall of Fame) in the background of the Bavaria, placed an order to build the statue, he thought about a Greek design, settled between an athena and an amazon. The sculptor Ludwig Schwanthaler changed the design to a more romantic Germanic look (no helmet, oak wreath instead of laurel wreath, bear-skin, lion and sword instead of spear). It is an allegoric personification of Bavaria's strength and glory.

The statue was built at the foundry of J.B. Stiglmair from 1844 until 1850, mainly by Stiglmair's nephew Ferdinand Von Miller. Since the Bavaria is one of the biggest bronze sculptures in the world, it had to be built out of four big parts and several smaller ones. It is 18.52 metres (60 ft 9 in) high and weighs about 87.36 tonnes (96.2 tons).

Inside the statue, a staircase of 66 stairs allows tourists to climb to the top and view Munich from above.

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