Having Fun at Landshut Wedding Festival in Germany

Here are some photos from the Landshuter Hochzeit or Landshut Wedding Festival taken last July 4, 2009. The celebration is truly lively and interesting. You can see a lot of people from young to old especially the participants and actors who wear the attractive and colourful Medieval costumes and attires. You can also see in some parts of the "Altstadt" or Old City participants who manifest how the life and living of the people during those times.
some street dancing and plays also take place almost everyday in the Old City of Landshut


The real heroes of the "Landshuter Hochzeit" are the citizens who act as bishops, aristocrats, bride, and bridegroom. Without these people, the festival couldn't take place. The actors are chosen from a commission of the association "Die Förderer". Every person who wants to become a member of this association and who wants to take part in this big event has to live near Landshut. The "Förderer" has its beginning in 1903, when it was established by the restaurant owner Georg Trippel and the factory owner Joseph Linnbrunner. After this year, the festival took place every 4 years, with breaks during the first and second world war. So far, the members of "Die Förderer" rose from 855 to 5000 during the years 1973 to 2004.

However it is not only the actors who delve into the medieval times. It is custom among Landshut males to let the hair grow longer starting months before the event to match better with the medieval fashion. Every citizen of Landshut will dress in medieval garments during the days (even wrist wratches are frowned upon) and the city decoration will be retrofitted to a great amount. Visitors including media reporters are asked to find an outfit that remains at least a little bit close to this special time. Along with the growing fascination for the Middle Ages in the late 20. century the Landshut wedding became a well known mediaeval festival with great effects on economics in the region as well as the culture traditions and its aspects of living history. Wikipedia


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