Go Travel and See The Jura Public Festival Parade in Neumarkt, Germany

It was a very nice weather last Sunday as the different groups and participants of the Jura Public Festival had a parade in Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate in the state of Bavaria, Germany. The Jura Volksfest, also called as Public Festival in English is still going on until now. It started last Friday August 07, 2009 and will last until Monday, August 17, 2009. The parade passes the Innendstadt or Inner City of Neumarkt where we also watched it. Amazing festival in Bavaria! here are some photos taken by Mr. Author of this site.

even the kids also participated during the parade..It was a successful one. Ot seems that their attire here are quite appealing.

horse carriages were also present during the Jura Volksfest parade. In fact there were a lot of participants with different horses which are ornamented with colorful decorations.

their black and red dresses and costumes looks like the ones that are worn by Royal Guards in London.

another colourful carriage and the these horses are also it!

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AJ said...

now im learning many festivals from syempre English ang nalalamang festival ko sayo..

avid fan din ako ng mga ganyang event..talagang nakikiusyoso ako..ang sarap ulit maging bata..i saw many wonders in those costumes..

this one is worth seeing!..ang cute ng mga puti eh...lalo na iyong may chariot, este horse carriage.