Danube River, Donau by Regenburg, Bavaria, Germany

The photos below is the second longest river in Europe. It is called Danube or Donau in German. This river flows along the city of Regensburg in Bavaria, Germany. This was taken during our visit this Spring 2010. We have been to this city for a lot of times already.
view of the old city in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany

the famous and historical Steinerne Bruecke or Stone Bridge in Regensburg.

The Danube is the longest river in the European Union and Europe's second longest river after the Volga.

The river originates in the Black Forest in Germany as the much smaller Brigach and Breg rivers which join at the German town Donaueschingen, after which it is known as the Danube and flows eastwards for a distance of some 2850 km (1771 miles), passing through four Central and Eastern European capitals, before emptying into the Black Sea via the Danube Delta in Romania and Ukraine.

Known to history as one of the long-standing frontiers of the Roman Empire, the river flows through—or forms a part of the borders of—ten countries: Germany (7.5%), Austria (10.3%), Slovakia (5.8%), Hungary (11.7%), Croatia (4.5%), Serbia (10.3%), Romania (28.9%), Bulgaria (5.2%), Moldova (0.017%), and Ukraine (3.8%). more infos here

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this city is simply wonderful
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Lion Rampant said...

WOW What a great city, did you know that the origins of Regensburg was Celtic and dates back to Roman times when it was named Radasbona.