Warwick Castle in Warwickshire, England

How would you like to go travel and see England this time? How would you like to visit one of the interesting castle in Europe? I am featuring Warwick Castle today. It is a medieval castle in Warwick and lies on the bend of River Avon. This castle was built in 1067 by William the Conqueror. It served as a fortification until the early 17th century when converted as a country house by Sir Fulke Greville. This 11th century castle had undergone a lot of renovations and reconstructions.

There is an entrance if you want to visit this castle. If I am not mistaken we paid around £19.95 as we visited this castle last November 2008. Here are the travel pictures we took during our visit.

The main accommodation block as as viewed from Ethelfleda's Mound. It is in the south-east part of the castle and overlooks the River Avon. I was playing with my Canon camera, thus the result of this sepia scene
The interior of Warwick Castle as viewed from Ethelfleda's Mound. We spend our Halloween last 2008 in this castle. Isn't it spooky to visit here? Not I guess, because we had fun during our visit.

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