Luxury in the Himalayas

When you set out to hike in the Himalayas, you certainly expect to leave many of the comforts of modern civilization far behind in order to experience the breathtaking natural beauty of this sacred region. Guests of Shakti Himalaya, however, can relax knowing that at the end of a day of hiking and exploring the mountains and valleys they will have warm and comfortable quarters in the village houses along the way, which by Himalayan standards are quite luxurious.

Village houses are private retreats built just for Shakti Himalaya guests and have upscale accommodations for up to 8 travelers, complete with electricity -- though limited -- and meals prepared by the local villagers. Each evening hikers arrive at a different village house to find private rooms that are tastefully decorated with local fabrics and furniture and divided into a dining/sitting area and a bedroom with fabulous views. Outside are large patios with firepits where you can sip your warming drink while watching the sunrises and sunsets. Western-style toilet facilities are offered in a bathouse that has slate tile showers. Spring water is boiled by the staff so that hot showers are available each evening, a decided luxury in some of these remote mountain regions.

The Himalayan guided trail tours developed by Shakti Himalaya will eventually lead you to the 360º Leti Lodge, a premier facility which sits atop a stunning spur of the mountains with incredible views from every vantage point. Voted one of the top 101 hotels in the world, the 360º Leti Lodge is situated precisely where Tibet, India and Nepal meet. This simple but elegant lodge provides beautifully appointed rooms that have all the comforts of home, but maintain an authentic Himalayan flavor.

In the evenings, guests gather in the lodge around a roaring fireplace and share a delicious dinner served by candlelight. Afterwards, you can wander outside to contemplate a dazzling night sky, where the high altitude and thin air makes the stars look close enough to reach out and touch. The 360º Leti Lodge is open from the 1st of October to the 1st of May each year and has a minimum stay of three nights. Reservations can be made through your local tour operators or directly through Shakti Himalaya's website.

Guest post by Himalaya Travel experts Shakti Himalaya.
Image by Euroangel


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