Five Reasons to Visit New York City

New York City is the largest in the USA. Whether it is just for a long weekend or perhaps a bit longer, it’s a perfect place to spend your vacation. There is so much to see in the city, one visit just isn’t enough. Don’t be surprised when you leave the city if it keeps calling to you to come back, that is all a part of the Big Apple’s charm.

Our friends have come up with some very good reasons to visit New York City. They recommend you stay in a cheap New York hotel and save your money to enjoy as much of the city as possible.

Here’s the top five:

Cuisine Diversity and Endless Restaurants

New York has every imaginable type of cuisine to offer you. The many neighborhoods are abundant with different cultures. A visitor to New York will never have to walk far before finding a unique culinary delight to satisfy their palate. There is Chinatown, Korea Town, Little Italy and the list to choose from just goes on.

The Most Interesting and Intriguing Museums Anywhere

Photo by Ogil

There are so many fine art centers to visit while vacationing in the city. It simply will become a matter of which ones to see verses the amount of time you can give to visit them. The Centers that I suggest that you explore are the Museum of Modern Art or Natural History. If you are visiting with your children you may want to allow some time to walk through the Children's Museum of Manhattan.

The Theater District

Photo by The O

A visit to the "Great White Way" or better known as the Theater District area of the City is a must see when vacationing in New York. Broadway has numerous theaters with a multitude of shows to choose from. The shows available range from revisions of the old classics to the latest plays that have just been released.

Statue of Liberty

This statue represents the USA's proudest symbol of freedom and all we believe. It can be seen on Liberty Island, near Ellis Island which is the port where so many immigrants have come through seeking freedom in the United States.

FAO Schwartz

It's the largest store for Toys! This is the reason to come to New York City. There is so much to see. There are ever changing led-grid light events on the ceiling, live characters that are dressed as toy soldiers outside the entrance the store. It’s an amazing experience so do not miss this shopping adventure it is sure to thrill all that visit.


Walk Talk Tours said...

I have only been to New York once.

Visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island was a real highlight, as I thought about all the people who would have travelled in hope from the Old World to the New.

Good post, thanks for sharing. Found you via BlogCatalog.


debs said...

Come and visit India ... know more about Tamil Nadu in It is a beautiful state, you will like to explore the place.

Jag said...

hope i could go there...thanks for visiting my site!

Ian said...

I like to see NYC as the city has some of the best places to see in USA and great activities to do as a tourists plus the NY city vibe and charm is so charming and enticing.

Thanks for visiting my travel blog.

lunaticg said...

How many museum are there in New York exactly?