Go Travel and See Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands, is famous for its canals. You cannot find here any single trace of Roman ruins or any Romanesque church or cathedral. It is a city built entirely by rich traders and lovers of beauty.

Its history says that the original center of Amsterdam was created in about 1200 when the waterlanders from the North move to the mouth of the Amstel in search of more secure and fertile land.

If you happen to visit Amsterdam, don't miss to take a cruise around its canals. It is one of the best way to explore and see this city. Here are some snaphots I took during our visit last summer 2010.

boat houses can be seen at the banks of Amsterdam canals.

Another way to have an overview of Amsterdam is to fly over it. Air trips over the city are organized during summer time. In this way, you can appreciate and understand why this extraordinary network of canals have made the Dutch capital be rebaptized as the Venice of the North.

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Debbie Smith said...

I loved my visit to Amsterdam, walking along the canals. Didn't get to take that canal ride though. Love your pictures of this beautiful city!
Have a fabulous day!

Kim, USA said...

Wow that is pretty cool a boat house! One of the place I so love to visit is Amsterdam, I find it very rich in history and beauty. Happy Wednesday!
Watery Wednesday

4timesblessed said...

I want to live in a boat house. They look really cool.

Shahz said...

heheh! lovely city..

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Nice shots. I would like to visit Amsterdam some time. I didn't know that it was so watery.