Some Scenes from Germany

The first two snapshots are not really good catch. The car was moving as I took these two images. Anyway, as long I have some images to share, I guess it really doesn't matter. I will share better ones in my next post. Have a lovely week ahead!

the Donau or Danube River near Regensburg, Germany

the towers of the two churches in Neumarkt Upper Palatinate in Bavaria, Germany.

my favorite fried rice. This was taken as we went shopping in Arcaden Mall in Regensburg last week. We went eating in a Chinese restaurant in this mall.

I love these wonderful memes; Skywatch Friday, Weekend Reflection, Food Trip and Scenic Sunday. Special thanks to the Authors of these sites for sharing these beautiful memes in the blogosphere. Have a lovely day to all!


L'Aussie said...

These pics brought back memories. I'll never forget the Romantic Road trip through Bavaria.


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James said...

What a wonderful part of the world. These pictures make me want to pack a back and fly over there. :)