Estonia Holiday

I was browsing again a travel magazine this afternoon and found some trips to the Baltic countries like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. If ever I am given the opportunity for a free travel in one of these countries, I will choose first Estonia.

This country is officially called Republic of Estonia. It is considered to be one of the wonderful holiday destinations in the Baltics. Whether you want to spend a city break in Tallinn, a coastal holiday to Saaremaa, relaxing at a spa in Kuressare or a beach vacation in Jurmala, Estonia is simply a place to spend an enchanting holiday. The Baltic Travel Company is the expert to all vacation getaways in the Baltic nations.

Here are some of the charming cities I wish to visit in Estonia:


This is the capital and largest city of Estonia. Tallinn is considered a global city. It is the European Capital of Culture in 2011. It is a member of the European Union countries.

Tallinn is a combination of historical sites and ultra modern styles which made it unique. There a lot of things to see and experience in Tallinn. Visiting its Old Town which belong to the list of World UNESCO Heritage Sites is a must-see in this city. The coastal district Pirita, the Kadriorg Palace which now houses the Art Museum of Estonia and the Estonian Open Air Museum in Rocca al Mare are also worth visiting.

Kadriorg Palace in Tallinn, Estonia. credit


This is the capital city of Saaremaa. It is a historical city that was first mentioned in 1424. It is located around 216 kilometres from Tallinn. It is considered to be a safe and healthy city. It was the first city in Estonia to receive the official status of Healthy City in 1998, thus making it a perfect place to have a relaxing and healthy vacation. I was amazed after knowing that alone this city has seven great spa-hotels, three of which are located by the sea. That is also the reason why a lot of tourists are visiting it all year round.


This is another interesting city to visit in Estonia. It is located southwestern Estonia on the coast of Pärnu Bay. This city is sometimes called Pyarnu. It is a famous summer vacation resort with many hotels, restaurants and beautiful beaches. This is also the reason why it attracts a lot of visitors every year especially during summer season. No wonder it is the summer capital of Estonia.

Other interesting cities to visit in Estonia are Narva, Tartu, Rakvere, Valga, Paide, Tapa and depending on your choice there are still a lot to see. Having received a lot of international rankings, Estonia has been a target of many tourists and visitors.

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