Safety Tips- Do's and Don'ts

Do you love to travel? Is this your first time to go for a trip? Sometimes a first-timer traveller don't have enough knowledge and precautions on how to spend a safe and secure travel. You must be aware of your safety and security while travelling. There are some measures and travel tips to avoid any loss when you spend a holiday or vacation. Here are some information for you.

Beware of crowded public places. These are usually the favourite venues of pick pocketers. Like what the experts are telling, Pick pocketing is an art that is seemingly practiced through-out the world. I remembered a trip when my friend's purse was pick-pocketed. She lost some hundred Euros and some valuables like ATM card, credit cards, ID card, drivers license and other important documents that were inside the purse. Before we visited a huge festival that time, I even reminded her to be extra careful with her bag. It is advisable to use money belts, pouches or holster wallets that can be hidden inside your jacket or clothes.

It is my habit not to leave valuables lying inside the hotel room. In short, don't leave cash, jewellery, camera, handy, laptop, ipod and other valuables inside your room. You better bring it with you or keep it in the hotel safe. I better suggest not to bring expensive jewellery when you go for a trip.

Don't dangle your camera from around your neck or wrist; keep it in an inexpensive looking camera bag.

Don't carry all of your own valuables in one place. It is better to split documents and money in various safe holding locations.

Lastly, always stay alert especially in crowded places like in the train stations, airports or bus stops.

Prior to departure, you can always listen to current news, media reports or you can browse the internet for more travel information. Thanks to for these safety travel tips.

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