Facebook App for Those Who Love to Travel

Are you a Facebook user who love to travel? I believed you are one of those millions of Facebook users who love to travel especially if you read this travel blog of mine. Don't you know that there are a lot of apps in Facebook but only some are really helpful to you as a traveller. Sorry guys, I have no time to play farmville or cityville. I rather find some travel tips and information at Halifax Matchmaker Facebook App . This is quite a very helpful and interesting app for a blogger and traveller like me.

Why I say that Holiday Matchmaker Facebook App very helpful for me? First of all, I would like to let you know that it is an app created by Halifax Travel Money. When I say travel money, for sure you will need it when you travel. They'll make your holiday preparation easier because they will deliver your travel money right in your doorsteps for free. As a travel matchmaker, they are also offering to find your dream destination anywhere around the world.

The Holiday Matchmaker Facebook App uses ingenious analysis of your profile to match you up to your ideal destination. For your travel convenience, it will also provide you top tips on places to eat, drink and visit. How would you like to know how much you will be paying for a pint of ice cream? or how much does a U.S. dollar versus a UK pound costs? That is again very easy because it'll provide you all the exchange rate info for all those important conversions.

The app was originally launched by Halifax in June 2010 and was loved by those that used it. Blogger and traveller like me for example will surely find this app important and helpful. This is the first time I encountered such unique app in Facebook. Don't you know that over 9,000 Facebook users downloaded the application? If you want to feed your curiosity, just like me and find out where and what the Halifax Holiday Matchmaker can do for you, you better download the application now and receive your dream destination for free. For sure, you will find your perfect travel destination with this app.

Have fun travelling while facebooking!


kailyn Hart said...

How Coool!!! A facebook app for travel zombies like me!! So cool!

Luxury Travel Lady said...

hmm i tried it but it didn't work! It said 'empty response'