Go Travel and See Nuremberg in Bavaria, Germany

Let's go travel and see part of the world again. How about visiting this time one of the cities in Germany. Nuremberg, written in German as Nürnberg is a city in the administrative region of Middle Franconia in the state of Bavaria, Germany. I am reminding my dear readers and viewers that Germany has 16 states and Bavaria is the largest one. For me, it is also the most beautiful state in Germany.

Nuremberg is the second largest city in Bavaria, after Munich. The town is also the Center of the Metropolitan Region Nuremberg. It is a very interesting city with its Gothic churches, its beautiful Old Town, splendid patricians' houses and romantic corners and spots.

The Ehekarusell or Marriage Carousel in Nuremberg. I always love visiting this city from time to time. It is also called as the Hans-Sachs Brunnen (Hans Sachs fountain) or Ehebrunnen (marriage fountain). It is located near the White tower which you see in the background.

The famous Nürnberger Chriskindlesmarkt or Nuremberg Christmas Market is celebrated annually at the Hauptmark or main market.

There are a lot to see and experience in this city. I wish to share more information about it in my future post. Hey, don't forget to sample the famous Lebkuchen or ginger bread and Nürnberger Bratwurts when you visit Nuremberg.

the St. Lorenzkirche or St. Lorenz Church in the background.


Adam said...

Love the architecture.

The Travelling Fool said...

Nuremberg was always one of my favorite places when I lived in Germany. There is so much to see and do there. I never got bored.