Go Travel and See Monaco

Let's go travel and see the world again. It is always nice to travel and explore new places when possible. I am very happy as I stepped on the city-state of Monaco last April 2011. It is truly a stunning experience seeing places like this. I remember a friend's daughter who told me that she wants to live and work in Monaco. I told her, why not? She loves the place and was amazed by its beauty.

Monaco, officially known as the principality of Monaco is bounded by the French Riviera to the west and the Italian Riviera to the east. We also visited part of these boundaries during our visit. Monaco is located between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, such a perfect setting and location. It is considered to be the second smallest independent state in the world after Vatican.

I have a lot of stories and experience to tell and share about Monaco but I am quite very sleepy now. More in my other travel sites below.
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a narrow but famous shopping street in Monaco. I bought some travel souvenirs here.

This is the Port of Monaco taken when I was on the palace hill.


kailyn Hart said...

I know Monaco is in France, but do you have some trips for traveling through Italy alone?

Redruby said...

Hi Kailyn, MOnaco is located near France...and it is not a part of France but an independent city-state...about Italy, I did some trips in some cities there...feel free to browse my other travel sites at the side bar..thanks and have a great day.