Holiday Wishlist 2011 and the Chalets in Austria

This is a beautiful world to travel and explore. I believed every country, big and small has always a lot of things and interesting sights to offer to its tourists and visitors. How I wish I am staying in one of the cozy villas in Barbados spending some days holiday right now. If it is only possible and when finances are available, I should not be writing here but enjoying a vacation somewhere in one corner of the world. Sad to say, I need to save money first to do that.

So far, my travel wishlist for 2011 was already planned. Some trips were done and there are still some more to come. Last February, I went for a 3-day city trip to Berlin. I also visited some places in Germany like Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Schwangau-visiting the Neuschwanstein castle, Nuremberg and so many more. I wish to witness the Venetian Mask Festival in Venice last March but the bus trip was already fully booked. Last month, me and some friends went for a 6-day trip visiting Monaco, some places in Italy like the Cinque Terre, San Remo and Pietra Ligure and the beautiful cities in France including Nice, Cannes and Menton. It was truly an awesome trip. Aside being very cheap, the owner, receptionist and hotel workers who served us during breakfast and dinner were so friendly and accommodating. It would be nicer if I am in Austrian Alps that time staying in one of the ski chalets in Austria but I am quite happy after spending that 6-day trip. It was truly worth it.

the beautiful beach in Monterosso, one of the five towns in Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre or "The Five Lands" is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

More about my Holiday Wishlist 2011 are listed below;


I finally booked this morning a 10-day trip to Turkey this coming September. I am happy that hubby is finally going with me. His vacation leave request was finally approved. I wanted to visit Turkey after reading a lot of interesting and historical sights in this country. Some of it are even declared in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some places that are included in this trip are Istanbul, Izmir, Pergamon, Ephesus, Troy, Aphrodosias and Bursa.


This is quite a last minute trip. My very good friend Joy booked this trip last Friday and we will be travelling with some other friends. This is quite a surprise trip because I really don't know where we are going. Sometimes life is full of surprises just like this trip. I am already happy that I will be stepping very soon the land of Poland for the first time. The trip will be on Saturday May 14, 2011. We will be leaving at around 2:00 in the morning and will be backed home sometime on Sunday at dawn time. More infos to be posted once this trip is done.

Budapest, Hungary

I already inquired the travel company about this trip this morning. I asked if there are still some free seats since it is a bus trip. It is a 5-day trip and aside from Budapest some places like Vienna-the capital city of Austria, Lake Balaton (Platensee in German)-the largest lake in central Europe and one of Hungary's tourist destination, Siofok-the capital of Balaton which is famous for its beaches and nightlife, Esztergom-also known as Ostrihom which was the capital of Hungary from the 10th till the mid-13th century and Visegrad- town and municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This seems to be a 5-day trip visiting three countries. Of course, a day sightseeing in Budapest is also included. The highlight of this holiday is the fireworks held every 20th of August. This date is a National Holiday in Budapest. The Open Air Summer Festival is also held from 1st June-31st August, 2011. I would probably book this trip next week. The trip will be from August 18-22, 2011.

We will also be visiting Dresden, one of the historical cities in East Germany on May 28, 2011.

There are still a lot of countries that I wish to visit this year. Depending on my budget, I will see if I can still visit some until the end of the year.

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