The Best Golf Courses in Scotland

There is no experience that can compare to playing golf on Scotland’s 4 best golf courses. The home of golf as the modern world understands it began in this beautiful land. Scotland is one of the most unique cultures in the world and playing the game of golf here is a fantastic journey. Kings have wiled hours away and servants have found golf a restful pastime. Golf is a game that knows a multiple of social levels and genders. Man, matching his mind and skill against the land, the elements and the game. Thanks to the Sport PR experts from Taylor Herring for compiling the best golf courses in this beautiful country.

1) Downfield Golf Club, Dundee

This beautiful course overlooks the picturesque coastal area with light house and moor. The lovely championship golf course located along Scotland’s beautiful coast looking up on the Firth of Clyde. Tranquillity is a motivation from playing golf in this beautiful land, green hills extending into the sea.

2) Kingsbarns Golf Link, St Andrews Fife

This is a breath taking resort by the sea. Savor the vastness of the Ocean while you drive a hole in one. Use links with St Andrews and Fife, one of the world’s most exclusive golf resorts. Relaxing, exhilarating the country of Scotland is a must play golfing adventure. Find the place of your golfing dreams; play in the land of golf’s birth – try staying in a golf hotel in Fife near the course. In this environment golf takes on a different feeling, a meaning that is part of the land itself.

3) Muir

Muir, established in the 1774, this exclusive membership in the golfing world is the longest running golf club in the modern world. This Scottish club established the original 13 rules of the game. Playing on this golf course the elements are always your challenge as you play in the solace of windswept trees. Sea land and green plateaus are the signatures of this gorgeous golf resorts backdrop.

4) Rosemount Course, Blairegowrie Perthshire

The lush grass and beautiful tree lined fairway where Silver Birch and lovely Pines stand as witness to a golfers great achievements or failures. This course with its spectacular landscaping gives the added chance to play at Lansdowne.

A golfing holiday is a wonderful way to polish your game. Scotland’s four best golf courses have developed over the years adding impressive changes to the facilities and defining the game the world loves so well. Take a golfing holiday at any one of these beautiful golfing resorts. The Scottish have trained and cultivated the game and the greens, making Scotland like no other place in the world to play golf. This is also one of the reasons why Scotland is one of the most interesting European countries to visit.

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