Foods Not To Miss When Visiting Germany

Some of the most flavorful and tasty foods from Germany are also their most famous. Food and drink pr experts from Taylor Herring have kindly put together the following list of scrumptious German foods that you must try when you visit:


Bratwurst, or sausage, is made in a variety of ways. Normally consisting of a mixture of pork, beef or veal, it is fried with onions, bacon or sauerkraut and is part of a very hearty meal. Depending on which area of Germany you travel to, some areas eat Bratwurst on a bun with a topping of mustard and eat it on the go.

a kind of Bratwurst.


Any number of hand held treats can round off traditional and famous foods of Germany, but pretzels are a fun and delicious snack you can find at any street vendor. Soft and warm, seasoned or plain, they are great all year round. They are especially tasty on a cold winter day for it is a delicious steaming treat if straight out of the oven.

Pretzels displayed during a German festival in Regensburg.


Sauerbraten is an unusual but delicious dish. Beef, ranging from any cut portion of the animal, is brined in a mixture of vinegar, sugar and spices for a short period of time. This pickling technique makes the meat fork tender after cooking and has a distinct sweet and sour flavor that is served sliced and plated alongside potatoes, vegetables or spetzel. This dish is available in most German restaurants.

Spetzel (Spätzle in German spelling)

This is a common and simple dish served along with most meals. Spetzel is made simply out of flour, salt, and water. Special spetzel machine or a colander is used to produce small droplets of wet dough and these droplets are cooked in salted, boiling water. Similar to dumplings, it is served with butter and is a tasty side dish for many foods. It also absorbs flavors so it is a special treat when served with flavorful meats.

Rye Bread

Breads are known throughout the world as a staple, and in Germany, Rye bread is the leading bread of choice. Loaves can either have caraway seeds or not. The rye seeds produce a mild flavor similar to liquorice, which is very subtle. Rye bread is served on the dining table as a traditional appetizer or used with meals.

I am wondering if famous restaurants in Germany are serving foods using antique silverware. Any idea out there? I have to browse the internet to find it out. Some other German foods worth to taste are the Snitzel, Schweinebraten, Gulasch and the different pastries which are some of my favourites.

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