Sweden Sightseeing-Things To See and experience

Sweden is a member of the European Union countries but they are not using the Euro currency. It is the largest of the Nordic countries in northern Europe. The standard living in this country ranks among the highest in the world. It has also a high-peace profile, which simply means that it is safe to travel to this country. I heard that Sweden is an expensive country to spend a vacation but I am quite sure you can always find budget accommodation in any cities or towns that you may wish to visit during your holidays in Sweden.

Citybreak in Stockholm

For sure, this city is the most highlight of your trip when visiting Sweden. It is its largest and capital city and most populated urban area in Scandinavia. The city is made-up of 14 islands where you can also have a boat trip around.

There are a lot of things to do and see in Sweden's capital but be sure to visit the "innerstaden", the inner city where you can see most of the attractions in Stockholm. There are guided tours when you want by bus, boat or by foot.

cruising around Stockholm can be a wonderful experience of seeing the city.

Gothenburg's Parks and Nature

This is the second largest city in Sweden. Gothenburg has many parks both big and small. You can enjoy a nature sightseeing to its parks. The famous ones are Gothenburg Botanical Garden, Slottsskogen, Kungsparken, Rya Skogs Naturreservat, Keillers Park and so many more. Hisingsparken. Gothenburg's biggest park is the Hisingsparken.

Swimming and Sunbathing in Malmo

It is a port city on the southern tip of the country. Due to its location, Malmo has become famous for swimming and sunbathing. The two-kilometre sandy beach Ribersborgsstranden is a very nice place to experience. I would like to take a walk on this sandy beach of Malmo.

Don't you know that women can swim topless in in public swimming pools of the city? They have the permission to do so. Everyone must wear bathing attire, but the breasts cover is not mandatory.

These are only some of the places that are worth to visit and experience in Sweden. You can also find your own itinerary when visiting there. I am also planning to visit Sweden anytime soon. Before that, I wist to avail of a currency card which I can use everytime I travel. I believed it is better than using cash or debit cards.

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