Go Travel and See Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic

It was so far one of the most adventurous trip I had this year. That trip to Karlovy Vary with friends last October 2011 is very memorable. After our pottery shopping and overnight stay in Boleslawiec, Poland, we drove to Karlovy Vary the next day.

It is called in German as Karlsbad and Charles Bath in English. This city is famous for its hot springs and its colorful and whimsical architecture.. It is located in Bohemia in the western part of Czech Republic. It was named after Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, who founded the city in 1370.

Here are some snapshots taken by my view finder during our visit last October 2, 2011.

the buildings in Karlovy Vary and the Ohře River in the middle.

historical buildings in Karlovy Vary.

The Park Colonnade at the Dvořák Park. This architecture is quite interesting with all those wood carvings it has.

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