Go Travel and See Manchester, England

Let's go travel and see part of the world again! This time I am bringing you to one of I am trying to reminisce that quite adventurous and memorable trip we had in Manchester. This city is known by many as the "capital" of the north of England, the second city of the United Kingdom and is home to the UK's largest airport outside London. Others cities in the north of England like Birmingham and Leeds also claimed to be the capital but Manchester is the one that perfectly fits for the this title. It doesn't really matter for me as long as I visited this city once in my life.

There was something I can't forget during our trip to Manchester. From my friend's home in Northfield, we have to ride a bus going to Birmingham train station. At that time, there was a traffic on the street because it was the beginning of the first day of classes. In short, the bus arrived late in the train station. In other words, the ticket which we bought in advance was already void because we did not catch up the train.

We ran to the nearest coach station where we can ride a bus going Manchester. Of course we paid again for that bus trip but at least we were able to visit Manchester.

The lesson that I learned from this experience. Better go earlier because no train or plane will wait for you. From that time on, I always think of this when I travel. It is better for me to wait than I will be left behind. Goodnight folks. It is time for me to sign-off.

I wish you all a wonderful day or evening!

the map of the city of Manchester during our visit last November 2008.

the City Hall of Manchester, England.


Dhemz said...

wow, pagka nice kau...hay untag daghan tag sapi kay mag laag ko diha...wahehhehe!

agi ko guaps...salamat sa visit!

Redruby said...

ingna ra ko guapz ug mulaag ka diri ha...kuyugan tika if naa koy wawarts..lolz!

Red Nomad OZ said...

Hey! Sounds like fun!! I look forward to seeing more of your adventures!!