Planning and Budgeting for Your Travel

I just remember our recent trip to Poland last month. We did some pottery shopping and sightseeing in Boleslawiec. It is the so-called "Ceramic City" in Poland and is very famous or its pottery. Since Poland is not using Euro currency, we need a currency converter to know the value of a Euro or a US Dollar to złoty, the monetary unit of Poland. Before our trip, I already researched online about it and my friends were happy to know how much were the values of their pocket money when converted to Polish złoty. In short, that was a very exciting and adventurous trip we had. The girls had fun shopping too!

This was taken in one of the pottery shops we visited in Boleslawiec, Poland.

It is always nice to travel and to see the world. Through travelling, you learn a lot about the people and its culture. More on that, you also discover and see the beauty of a certain place. Most of my friends are thinking that I have a lot of money because I travel from now and then. I am a banker by profession. After leaving my decent job for almost nine years of service at the bank, I joined my husband in Europe. In this continent, my urge for travelling goes bigger and bigger. I simply love to travel and always has a passion for it ever since I was young. I can still remember when my parents used to scold me because I cannot always come home on time after school. Where I was that time? I always stopped-by at a certain place enjoying its scenery.
I am currently jobless and you might be wondering how I can travel without having a job. That is also the reason why I want to share a bit about planning and budgeting for your travel.
Plan It Ahead- When you wish to go for a vacation or trip, you need to always plan it ahead. Planning in advance will surely save you time and money.
various Euro bills.

Travel Budget- When you have a lot of money and you have all the finances you need, budgeting might not be a problem for you. I always save money for my trips. I always see to it that before I book a trip, I already have the money to pay for the cost of the trip. While waiting for the trip, I also slowly set aside something for my pocket money. If you are spending a long vacation, try to consider how much budget you need each day. If you only want to spend $50 a day, then you need $500 for a 10-day holiday. Be sure to always have some extra money with you. You never know when you need some for emergency.
The Library of Celsus in Ephesus during our 10-day vacation in Turkey last September 2011. This ancient city of Ephesus is truly amazing!

Research in advance about the city or country you are visiting- Always remember that not all countries are using the same monetary unit. For example if you are in the European Union, not all EU members are using Euro currency. Some member countries like UK, Hungary, Poland or Denmark, have their own currencies. There are some currency converter sites online that will help you with the conversion. Also get a bit familiar with the place that you will be visiting like knowing its main sights, its people and its culture. You can always browse for various travel websites online to get information about a certain city or country.
These are only some of the many travel tips I can share for now. Feel free to browse this site for more travel tips, posts and images.
Where I get my money for travelling? It will be posted soon! Have fun browsing here!

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