Last Minute Holidays

Booking a holiday well in advance gives people something special to look forward to and savour in their imaginations for weeks and months before finally setting off, but some of us are rather more impulsive. Last minute holidays are a great way to beat the winter blues and there are often some incredible deals to choose from.

If it's sun, sea and relaxation you're after then there are dozens of great holiday packages available at very short notice. You could be sunning yourself with your feet up in a matter of days at a price you can afford. Places like Turkey and Egypt, as well as the classic Canary Island hotspots like Tenerife and Gran Canaria are accessible at low-cost all year round and while no-one can guarantee good weather the chances are you'll need your sunscreen whatever time you travel.

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque during our Turkey vacation last September 2011.

Not every iconic Mediterranean holiday destination can boast a great chance of sun even in the winter months but there are last minute holiday deals to places like Majorca, Menorca, Cyprus and southern France being offered throughout the year. Some people can't abide spontaneity of course but for those with the sudden urge to get themselves away for a while the last minute holiday can be exactly what they need to brighten up or top off their year.

Family holidays are to be savoured and for many it is the highlight of the year, but household finances are being squeezed in countries across Europe. Last minute deals make it possible for families to take themselves off somewhere terribly sunny and beautiful even if circumstances have left them unable to book their breaks well in advance. And there's every chance that a last minute holiday will last a little longer in the memory as well because you wont have had time to live the experience in mind before you get there.

For the very busiest Britons, a week in the sun is a distant dream but a few days in a city of note can be more readily accommodated and a really enjoyable way to spend a long weekend. Europe has some of the most interesting and enigmatic cities in the world and there are a dizzying array of potential destinations for city breaks if you're setting off from the UK. Last minute deals give couples, travel enthusiasts, and travelling companions the chance to take-off on a whim and while the few days away might fly by, the memories could be well worth keeping.

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