Exploring the Magical Mediterranean

When it comes to holiday cruises the list of options is endless. A quick scour of the web will turn up hundreds of tantalising getaways from the UK coastline and Channel Islands to the far-flung corners of the Caribbean. But one firm favourite that remains steadfastly at the top of most holidaymakers’ wish lists - regardless of whether they travel by land, air or sea - is the Mediterranean, and it’s not hard to see why.

On a Mediterranean cruise you’ll have the chance to slip into a truly luxurious way of life. Wake up in a new destination every morning, breakfast like a king with all the croissants, bagels and smoked salmon you could wish for, and venture out to explore the latest port of call - before ticking yet another stunning destination off your list. It’s an unashamedly luxurious way to travel and one that will leave you feeling thoroughly relaxed and invigorated.

So what can you expect from your Mediterranean cruise? Firstly there is a great choice of itineraries which means you can take your pick from a stunning range of destinations from Lisbon and Dubrovnik to Gibraltar and Cannes. In most cases the ship will dock at a different port each day, leaving you to explore the destination in your own time or join an escorted excursion to really make the most of your visit.

But while this is one of the main highlights of the voyage you certainly don’t have to alight at every stop. Instead, you could choose to stay onboard and enjoy the superb facilities on offer - perhaps enjoy a relaxing shoulder massage, take a refreshing dip in the pool or just catch up on the latest bestseller under the Mediterranean sun.

Whatever you choose to do, cruise holidays are a unique and luxurious way to see the world. But be warned - once you’ve been bitten by the cruise bug there’s no going back…

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