Go Travel and See Avila, Spain

Let's go travel and see the world again! It seems that I was quite busy traveling for the past weeks. Glad that I am back now. I was actually in Spain for three weeks. I posted in my other travel blog last month that I will be making some sidetrips when I am in Madrid. Yes, I did it! It was a perfect timing because some new friends I met in Spain's capital city were also planning to visit Avila that time.

In short, I was in Avila. I bought a travel book about Spain when I visited this country last December 2011. One of the cities featured in the book is Avila. Since then, I told myself that one day I will visit this place also. It did came true and I was in Avila.

Avila is an ancient city which is famous for its beautifully preserved medieval walls. The 11th century walls are over 2.5 kilometers long, over 3 meters thick and 12 meters high. It has 88 turrets at regular intervals and said to have nice gateways. I am trying to remember how many gateways we passed when we there there. I guessed 4 to 5 gateways.

One of the main sights to see in this city is the Cathedral.

It was so far a wonderful trip I had with friends in Avila.

The Statue of St. Theresa of Avila located near one of the gates in Avila, Spain.

The Alcazar Gate during our day trip last March 19, 2012.

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