Go Travel and See The Ruins of Aprodisias, Turkey

Let's go travel and see the world again! I believed you are very familiar about the goddess of beauty who is Aphrodite. The ancient ruins of Aphrodisias was named after her. This place is an archaeological site which said to have some of the most impressive Roman ruins in Turkey.

I believed I am lucky enough to visit this historical site. We had a trip to Turkey last year and this is one of the sites we visited. Our sightseeing tour in Aphrodisias that time was truly worth it. As far as I can remember it took us and the whole group to explore this ancient ruins for around 3 hours including our visit to the museum.

The monumental gateway or tetrapylon. This taken during our holiday in Turkey last year, 2011.

The city plan of Aphrodisias located near the entrance. I was so happy visiting one of the historical ruins in Turkey.

Aphrodisias is located around 30 km west of Denizli, a place where we also had some overnights in a hotel. It is located near the modern village of Geyre in the
Southern Aegean region of Turkey.

The first formal excavations were said to be undertaken in 1904-5, by a French railroad engineer, Paul Augustin Gaudin.

Sculptures inside the Aphrodisias Museum. Entrance is free since it is already included in the entrance fee in going inside Aphrodisias. It is still not free isn't it?

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Should be very interesting to travel to that country, has many places to see,

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