Cut-Price Cruises

Some people might find cruise holidays expensive at first glance, compared to the standard cost of a week’s stay in a package holiday resort. But scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find that it represents excellent value for money, where you can discover a new destination every day, enjoy sumptuous cuisine every waking minute and take advantage of excellent onboard facilities from fitness equipment and pools to cinemas and spa treatments.

What’s more, cheap cruise holidays are easy to find and readily available via recognised tour operators, or by booking direct with the cruise liner. Many tour operators offer regular discounts on cabin upgrades, drinks packages and even onboard spending money, along with reductions on the overall cost of the cruise.

For instance, Thomas Cook cruise deals are always on offer and due to the fact that the company doesn’t own its own fleet, instead booking holidays with the likes of P&O and Royal Caribbean International, they can also pass on discounts provided by the cruise liners themselves.

Furthermore like any package holiday, the prices often come down the closer you get to the departure date. Tour operators and liners would rather sell cabins cheaply than let them go empty for the duration of the cruise, so you will often see further reductions on the cost of cruise holidays the nearer you get to the departure date. So it’s well worth playing the waiting game if you can bear the suspense.

Finally, another good tactic is to book well ahead - up to a year before the cruise departs - and take advantage of early booking deals on next season’s sailings. In addition, you can usually split the cost and pay off your holiday over a longer period of time. So however tight your budget, it’s always worth shopping around to find the best cut-price cruise deals.

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