Go Travel and See Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid, Spain

Are you a person who love to travel? How many countries have you been to? This came out of my mind while I was taking a snack of smoked cheese with ham in it and sweet green grapes awhile ago. I guess I need to make a post about this and I will enumerate all the countries that I have been to. I would say, this is quite a travel inventory. What do you think folks?

One of the countries I visited in Europe is Spain. I love this country and sad to say that they are now one of the countries that needs financial help from the European Union. I guess most of the financial help will be coming again from Germany like what had happened to Greece.

Let's finally proceed with the main topic. This is about my trip in Madrid, Spain. It was actually my second visit in Spain's capital city. One of the sights I visited was Plaza de Cibeles. In fact, I saw it a lot of times because everytime I went around Madrid, I always passed this lovely square.

Known as the Cibeles Square in English, this square has been an iconic symbol of Madrid. It has a neo-classical architecture with a beautiful fountain in front of it and is located in front of Cibeles Palace. It was formerly called as Plaza de Madrid, then changed  later   to Plaza de Castelar and was , which was eventually replaced as Plaza de Cibeles.

Here are some of the  snapshots I captured when I was there.

Plaza de Cibeles at night. You can see the Cibeles fountain in front of it. This is such a lovely architecture.

Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid, Spain. This was taken during my second visit last March 2012. I love Madrid!

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