Major Tourist Attractions of Majorca

Inexpensive family vacations in Majorca are very popular. It's no surprise that the additional value makes a potentially expensive time a bit simpler to the wallet whereas still permitting you and the children to have unlimited fun under the sun, sea and sand of South Europe's most striking island - Majorca.

Guide to Majorca for hen weekends will certainly include the amazing Magaluf Pirate Show - this is an astonishingly extensive Majorca holiday tradition! It's been in practice for 22 years now and 3,000,000 tourists have actually paid to observe its exceptional brand of remarkable acrobatics, incredible dancing and cut-throat humor. The cost of dinner is included in the ticket, thus making it an inclusive night out, ideal for family holidays in Majorca. Make sure that you explore the Pirates Adventure which is an adults-only edition of the similar adventure inappropriate for under-18s!

Majorca, Spain
Aqualand, El Arenal - there are several water parks among Majorca's main attractions (including the massive Aqualand at Magaluf) but many tourists still believe that the best and largest is the Aqualand at El Arenal. Guide to Majorca for hen weekends should imply Aqualand at El Arenal. This is really a huge water park with wonderful swings, water slides, waterfalls and other recreational attractions. Expect the exhilarating combination of daredevil with white knuckle slides and mild rubber ring rides for a calmer swim. However, it can be on the expensive side, but if you visit the place when it is not jam-packed you will certainly get your money's worth.

Golf Fantasia, Palma Nova - there are ample golf courses on this island, but very few golf courses in Majorca are really up to the budget and scale of Golf Fantasia in stunning Palma Nova. It has varied scenery (waterfalls, caves and gardens) with an adequate number of holes. However, the only disadvantage to this amazing attraction is the increased popularity of the golf course.

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