Sights I love When I Visited London

Olympics is almost ending. I might not be able to make it to the world's greatest sports event but I am always happy to remember that once in my life I was able to visit England. The highlight of my trip was the visit to United Kingdom's capital city.  I should hire the services of  Sightseeing Tours London  to maximize my day trip in this city. There are just a lot of sights to see and experience  there. Visiting for a day is not enough.

Here are some of sights I experienced when I visited one of the beautiful capitals of  Europe.

London Eye- I can't forget that afternoon when I took a ride in the biggest ferris wheel of Europe. It was raining hard but I am thankful that the wheel started to turn when the rain started to fall down. It was truly an amazing experience seeing the surroundings of London thru that giant wheel. Don't miss it when you are in London.
The famous London Eye. I  took this image during my visit last October.
Buckingham Palace- The official London residence of the British Monarch is a must to see when visiting this city. Don't miss the changing of the guards ceremony when you are there. I wish to see the interior of this palace. Since I went there during the month of October, sightseeing inside is closed to the public. Only during the months of August and September that visitors are allowed to go inside for sightseeing.

The Tower Bridge- Don't get confused about the London Bridge and Tower Bridge. You might be familiar with the song, "London bridge is falling down"? It is actually the Tower Bridge that is suspending not the London Bridge. The latter is another bridge upstream that also crosses Thames river. This iconic symbol of London must be in your list to see.

St. Paul' Cathedral
- I did this this historical amazing architecture in London but I did not had the chance to go inside. From the outside, you can already see the beauty of this cathedral which is dominated by its dome. Another site which wamts to make me go back to London.

If it is your first  time in London, you might need the help of Sightseeing Tours London, to guide you during your trip there.


Tammy Lau said...

I went to the london eye but never get p there!!!was it worth to go? I just felt like it's kind of not worth the money hey:P let me know and maybe I will change my mind:P

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Jaunty_jenny said...

I have never been to London and I would to go there for vacation. London looks fantastic in pictures.The structures,arts and even its history is so interesting. I am so green with envy.