The Regensburg Cathedral in Bavaria

I visited the Cathedral of Regensburg during my first visit. It was followed by a second visit, third visit, fourth visit and so on and so forth. I cannot exactly remember how many times did I already visited Regensburg but I am quite sure over fifty times now.

Regensburg is a historical city in Bavaria, Germany. The large medieval centre of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the famous sights in this city is the Regensburg Cathedral which is dedicated to St. Peter. It has a Gothic architecture which was built around 700.

It is very amazing seeing historical structures like this. Here are some photographs I took during one of my visits.

The main facade of the Cathedral of Regensburg. The Regensburg Cathedral is the bishop's church and the principal church of the Regensburg diocese. It is also the home of the Regensburger Domspatzen ("cathedral sparrows"), a choir rich in tradition. The structure is considered the most significant Gothic work in southern Germany.

The Cathedral is also the burial place of important bishops, including Johann Michael von Sailer (1829-1832, memorial built by Konrad Eberhard in the south chancel), Georg Michael Wittmann (1832-1833, memorial also by Konrad Eberhard in the north chancel), and Archbishop Michael Buchberger (1927-1961, likewise in the north chancel).

The  interior of the Gothic Cathedral.


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wow another astonishing place to visit. One day!

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Bavaria is so beautiful Sis :-) picturesque views :-)

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What a beautiful Cathedral! It's such a big world, with so many places to see. Globe Trottin Granny.

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beautiful place to visit some day :)