Autumn in Europe and Our Garden

Autumn season in Europe is inevitable! In fact, it is already here and the weather is already getting cold. Despite  that, I am still happy because I am experiencing again the beauty of nature during fall season. This is the best time of the year when  we can see the most colourful environment around us. We even call it the "Golden October" because the plants and trees that surrounds us are already turning its colour into gold, yellow, orange, red, brown, pink and what else do you think? Such a  real beauty of nature!

Colourful trees during autumn season.
Yesterday while waiting for my friends to pick me up to go grocery shopping, I went to our garden. It was the first time I went around our backyard and took pictures of the different plants and flowers that are slowly withering due to cold weather. All of the flower bulbs like tulips, narcissus, dahlia, gladioli and lilies were gone now. I miss all the flowers in our garden but I don't need to worry because I will see them again during spring and summer season next year.

Autumn in Europe is really beautiful. This is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Autumn is the transition from summer to winter. For some, autumn season is a sad one for them due to the feeling of melancholy. The nice sunny weather of summer is slowly gone and the chilly winter season is about to come. During autumn season, you can experience foggy morning and daylight. The skies are turning grey because the sunshine is hiding away.

Autumn in Europe attracts millions of visitors from around the world. This is the time of the year where tourists can witness the coloured autumn foliage in most countries in Europe.

Some of the flowers that are still in our garden during this Autumn time.
I believed I am lucky to witness the change of environment. I simply love Europe despite of the different seasons in this continent. Whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter, I always see to it that I appreciate this beauty of nature. And talking about nature, I will for sure plant more flowers and plants in our garden next spring time. Next year, I am  thinking of getting some Vegetable Plants in our backyard.  What do you think  folks?

I guess I need to go around our area before weekend comes. I need to hunt for beautiful and colourful autumn foliage! Keep yourself warm during autumn time!

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