Beautiful Parks and Gardens I visited in Germany

Germany is a beautiful country. With its natural beauty and its distinct and unique cultures, many tourists and visitors from around the world are flocking to this country. It is not only known as one of the most influential countries in the European Union but as one of the world's main economic powers as well.

I guess you have some ideas  now about Germany. Today, I would love to focus on the beautiful parks and gardens I visited in this country. This would also means that I will be talking about plants and flowers that I have seen to these parks and gardens.

Insel Mainau or the Island of Mainau- I visited this garden island last August of this year. I was amazed by the beauty of its surrounding and its setting. I felt like I was in paradise when I was there. Being called as the "flowering island", it is noted for its parks and garden which I truly loved. I saw a lot of plants and flowers including roses, dahlias, angel's trumpet, bougainvillea, cacti, lavender, orchids,calla flowers, just name it and I believed this island has it all. I bought some souvenirs during my visit including a book about Plant Care Tips. I  found a lot of information on  how to take care of plants in this book.

The Castle and the Church in Insel Mainau. I love this place!
The Court Garden of the Neues Schloss or New Castle in Bayreuth- This is a perfect place to relax or enjoy especially during summer season. We visited it last summer of 2009 and I truly had a wonderful time walking around. You can find Shrubs and Trees, various flowers, fountains and statues and monuments in this park.

The park and garden of the New Palace in Bayreuth.
The Hermitage or Eremitage in Bayreuth- This is the Old Palace  of Margrave Georg Wilhelm as summer residence and  is located around 6 km outside of the city. The gardens created by Wilhelmine are really worth to see. You can find ornate fountains in its gardens and their waterworks begin  from 10AM to 5PM. I love especially its Sun Temple.
The Olympiapark in Munich during our visit last summer 2009.
 The Olympiapark in Munich-  known as Olympic Park in English, this park was the venue of the 1972 Summer Olympics.  This park now serves as venue  for cultural, social and religious events. My first visit there was on 2009 and I wish to visit it again.  

These are only some of the beautiful parks and garden I visited in Germany. There are some more but I cannot find  the images I took of the others during our visit. I hope to find  the photo folders of those.

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