Getting Our Garden Ready for Autumn and Before I Travel Again

Are there another travel plans going on in here? Talking about travel plans, yes, there are a lot of plans  but the problem is when? But I guarantee there will be for sure short travels to happen before 2012  will end. Before it will happen, I need  our garden get ready first this autumn time and before  winter comes. I can still see some flowers in our garden and I need to slowly cut it down before the snow falls. A lot are already withering and slowly dying due to cold autumn time.

Last week, I already started to put all the plants and flowers from our terrace inside the house. I also started to gather some of our garden decors. The plants need to be trimmed down so it won't break when the snow starts to fall down this winter. There are still a lot of things to be done in our garden these days and I am thankful that we already started to do it.

The empty flower pots, pails, bags of garden soil and other garden accessories and decorations must also be stored in a cool place. We always put it in our old garage. I don't know if we still need to mow our garden this autumn time. I guess we did not do it last year because we were too busy with some home renovations.

If all the things above will be done soon, I can say that I am ready this coming winter season and for the spring time to come next year. I still need to check next spring all the flowers that I wanted in our garden. For sure, more garden accessories are also coming soon!

For now, let me just enjoy the beauty of autumn time with its beautiful and colourful surroundings.  I always love it. Keep yourself warm especially if you are outside and  when you walk around!

Our patio, the garden set  still needs to be cleaned and kept  in our old garage. Some of the flowers are slowly dying due to cold autumn weather.
For my next travel, I would love to keep it secret for now. Have a lovely day to all!

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