Remembering Our Holiday in Turkey

Travels and tours! Vacations  and holidays! One  of the  great things to experience in life  is to travel and see the world. I believed I am one of the lucky ones who  always have the chance and the opportunities to travel. How I wish that I can do it more often. 

Last September 2011, I had the chance to  spend a ten-day holiday in Turkey. It was  not enough to see everything but at least I did saw and experienced a lot.  We landed in Ataturk  International Airport last September  19, 2011 to be exact.  It is  good to be a German citizen because we are no longer  required for a visa to visit Turkey.  Áfter the security control pass,  our tour guide gathered us up at  the airport. We proceeded to our hotel in Kumburgaz. 

Our beds with rattan headboard.
I was surprised because our  room  is furnished with  Rattan Furniture. The headboard of our bed is made of rattan and there is this  Rattan Garden Dining Set  in our  little terrace. I love its setting.

After we freshen up, we proceeded  to one of the function rooms of the hotel  and there, our tour guide shared us some information of what will happen to our 10-day tour in Turkey.  After some questions and clarifications, the meeting was done.

Since our hotel is located some meters away from the beach, we ended up walking there. The temperature was perfect because it was  summer in Turkey. It  also has a swimming pool and a garden. I  noticed their beautiful  Garden Accessories near the pool  including their garden sets that are made of rattan.

The beach in our hotel in Kumburgaz, Turkey.
That trip we had in Turkey was quite cheap  with almost everything included in it. The airfare, hotels to the different places we visited, tour guide, transportation and breakfast and dinner  were already included.

Some of the places we visited include  Izmir, Bursa, Ephesus, Bergama, Troy, Aphrodisias or Aphrodite, Ayvalik and of course Istanbul. More details about this trip in my next posts.

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