Shopping for Souvenirs When I Travel

Travel, travel and more travels! I love traveling and it is one of my passions. Last night, I was looking at the world map in my computer room. This room is  also my little library and my little working place. I was highlighting the cities and countries that I visited over the past years. If I am not mistaken, I already visited  over 25 countries all in all and still counting for the next ones.

Everytime I travel, I also go shopping especially for souvenirs and memorabilias. In places towns, cities or countries that I visit, I always bring home with me some postcards, fridge magnet, shot glasses and many  items from  that certain place.

In Germany, I already collected a lot of stuffs. When we went to Weiden five years ago, I bought some Seltmann Tableware. I also have some silverware from Solingen. My collections of tea sets, porcelain plates and crystal glasses are also enormous. We already have a house like a museum because of all the stuffs that I bought everytime I travel.

WMF Silverware in Germany.
If you heard about capodimonte from Italy, I also some designs from it from vases to center pieces, wishing well, basket flowers, porcelain flowers and more. I also have some keychains, plates and postcards from the different places I visited in this country.

When I visited Paris, France twice, I bought some souvenir shirts and hoodies, miniature of Eiffel Tower and travel books. Shopping in Paris can be very exciting because it is the home of famous designer brands like Guerlain, Lancôme, L'Oréal, Clarins, Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, etcetera. You can simply shop for anything in Paris.
I bought some of these souvenirs from Andalucia, Spain.
When I visited Spain last March of this year and last December 2011, I brought home wines with me and most of the souvenirs I mentioned above.

I remember when  I visit Switzerland last 2010, I  request a catalogue about Zurich. What sights to see, shopping information in the city, transportation, dining and other important travel tips and guides are written in that catalogue.

I just feel good when I always bring home with me some souvenirs from my travels. I guess when I retire, I can already  build  a travel museum.

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