Walking in San Mateo, California

There are always a lot of things we discover when we travel. I hope do you the same. We learn how the people live in a certain place, its culture and tradition and some other things that might be of interest to us.

I just remember my recent trip in the United States. Some of the places I visited are San Francisco, Union City, Oakland, Berkeley and some other more.

One day, I and my sister drove with a friend to San Mateo, a city in San Mateo County in California. Our new friend Mary had a doctor's appointment that time to this city. While she was at the hospital, I and my sister decided to go a bit walking in San Mateo. It was maybe around an hour walk.

After our friend's doctor's appointment, we proceeded to Stanford and Sta. Clara and had a dinner in Burlingame. It was truly a great day for us.

Here are some snapshots from San Mateo.

These looked like old historical buildings in San  Mateo. It reminds me of Europe.
The Century park Plaza in San Mateo.

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Agness Walewinder said...

I agree with you. There are always a lot to discover when travelling. Every day can surprise you and blow you away and you will never forget your first journey. I really like your photos from San Mateo :)x Keep exploring and sharing it with everyone around