Food and Travel Goes Together

When we book a holiday package, we should see to it that everything is already included in it. Flights, accommodation, food and sightseeing, are some of the things we need to check in that package.

Last week, I booked a trip to Switzerland and Strasbourg. It was really a very cheap trip. It is only an overnight trip and we will be visiting three cities.A 4-star hotel accommodation, breakfast and transportation to the different cities are already included in that trip. For only 99.00 Euros departing from Bavaria, Germany, I already find it very cheap.

I am a frequent traveller and I can say, "Food and Travel Goes Together". This is my motto and everytime I visit a certain place, I always try to taste some of the local recipes and delicacies of a certain town or city.

When I visited England for three weeks last 2008. My friend brought me to a small restaurant near Windsor Castle to taste some food. I told him, I just want fish and chips. He said that I should try jacket potato. I was so curious how this potato with jacket look like. It is actually a grilled potato with skin on it. My friend even told me that they usually eat potato including its skin. It was the first time I tried it and it was really good. It was perfect combination with fish. I love it.

I also have some friends who love tasting delicacies everytime they travel. All of them in the family love food with chili flavor on it. I am not very sure if they already heard about Trees Can't Dance. I was just inspired about the vision of the owner of this business.

Since I love cooking, I found the products of Trees Can't Dance perfect for our kitchen. I also found out that they sell their products through Sainsbury, a chain supermarket in the UK. I would love to try their pastes and marinades. They also have a blog where they share topics about health, nutrition and cooking. I would love to browse more in a couple of days and would love to know if they ship outside of the UK.

To all my friends who are planning to travel especially in Europe, be sure to try the food and delicacies of the different cities and countries that you will be visiting. For your holiday will be an unforgettable one if you do so!

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