Going Back to Italy.... Again?

I am trying to count how many times did I already visited Italy.  One..two..three..Seven times  all in all. My 8th visit will be this coming Friday. My first visit there was in 2004 and I kept on coming back after that. My good friend invited me to go with  them.  I guess we will be staying in a hotel  in Vicenza. I need to finish packing up my stuffs tomorrow  since we will be leaving on Friday morning.

Italy is a nice country, with all its historic sights and cities. These are only some of the reasons why I keep on coming back there. Verona is among one of the cities I visited.

Remember the Shakespeare's story of Romeo and Juliet?  Its setting is in Verona, in Juliet's House  or Casa di Giulietta and its famous balcony. A lot of tourists are visiting Verona each year but not really that much compared to Venice and Rome.

One of the most famous sights in Verona is its Arena,  spectacular Roman amphitheatre like the one on Coliseum in Rome.  You can see the photograph I took during our visit last July 2011.

The Arena di Verona. Taken during our visit last July 2011. ©
I still don't know the full itinerary that we will have during our  three days visit in Vicenza and nearby places. During our  third night, we will  have an overnight in  Edelweiss Lodge in Garmisch Partenkirchen. On  Monday, October 12,  we plan to visit the  Swarovski Crystal  Museum in Innsbruck.

I am quite excited for this trip. Italy see you soon!

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