Home Ideas I Get When I Travel

We just arrived from our weekend trips in Switzerland and France. Among the places we visited were Riquewihr and Strasbourg, both are located in France and Basel in Switzerland.  Those were  such wonderful trips and was so cheap considering that  we stayed in a 5-star Hilton hotel in Basel.

As a traveler, I am always observant everytime I visit a place. I always look around and love to take pictures of anything. Last Sunday, as we were on our way to Strasbourg, this retired German guy who was with us in that bus trip told me something like, "You are taking a lot of pictures, huh?" I answered back, "Because we have nice cameras and taking pictures is only the memories we can bring home for free. Besides, we are beautiful that's why we love to take pictures of ourselves". He ended up shutting his mouth.

Anyway, back to the main topic. Don't you know that I always observe and gather home decoration tips when I travel? Taking for example our trip to Turkey last year. In our hotel in Sarimsakli in Ayvalik region, we stayed in Berk Hotel and Resort, a 4-star hotel in this area. I love the furniture in their lobby and I even took some pictures from it.
The lobby of our hotel in Sarimsakli, Turkey.
Most of the times, I look for home and bathroom ideas in any hotel where we stay during our travel. In Basel Hilton for example, I love the idea of their bathroom setting. It is quite simple but elegant. Their lobby is small and has modern furniture but look attractive.

Simple but elegant bathroom in Hilton Holel in Basel.
During my vacation in Las Vegas, I also collected some garden ideas especially in Bellagio Resort. In their famous conservatory, you can find plants and flower arrangements that are unique and are truly beautiful. I have some ideas now on how to remake our garden for summer next year.

Since we are continually doing some home improvements and renovations at the moment, I had the chance to get some ideas from the hotels and resorts we stayed the past months and years.

I also get some ideas from the different sites that offers home designs. Viva Interiors  for example gave me some ideas about home designs and lighting. Since we planned to renovate our dining room next year, their unique dining furniture like tables and chairs gave me some ideas on what kind of furniture I will buy next year.

Egg  chair at Viva Interior.
Viva Interiors has famous designers like Le Corbusier, Florence Knoll, George Nelson, Hans Wegner and many more. They offer modern 20th design especially for your modern home. One good thing with the company is that, they deliver across Europe. It means no worry for those who are living in this continent.

Lastly, I can say that I simply love their home modern designs. I hope we can have some of it when we will be renovating our dining room and living room. Are you looking especially for modern home ideas? Simple visit Viva Interiors and also read their buyers' guide!

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