Things I Packed in my Travel Bag

Travel, travel, travel! How I wish I am on the other side of the world right now to avoid the cold winter weather in Europe. The best place to go is in Asia or somewhere in South America. Any place you can suggest? Haha! I am dreaming again! Let me wake-up now and share about the things I always packed in my hand-carry luggage.

Paper and Pens- I always have this with me and I really need it all the times. As a blogger, I need to take down my travel experiences. Whether I am sitting on the train, plane or bus, I usually record things I experience when I travel. Paper and pens are always a necessity for me and therefore, I always packed it in my bag.
Digital Cameras and SD Cards- This is a must to pack in my travel bag. Without these, I better stay at home. Could you believed that I always bring at least 3 digital cameras when I travel? Others might find it crazy but rather be crazy than sorry! Who knows when one camera is accidentally dropped, I still have two left. I always take pictures as many as I can because I never know if I can still go back to that certain place.

Laptop- Yes, I do! I will be very happy if the hotel we are staying has an internet connection. I can do blogging while travelling. I can also check important emails. I usually save the pictures temporarily in my laptop.

External Hard Drive- I have a very handy 2.5 Passport where I also save my travel photos. Especially if I have a long vacation, I always see to it that I bring it with me for back-up.

Cellphones- We never know when emergency arise, the roaming services of my cellphone provider can be used anywhere I go. I can also use it as camera or make videos.

With all of the above travel gadgets and supplies, I know where to shop for it. I found Viking a perfect place to do online shopping. They simply have everything for my needs as a blogger and traveler. Since, it is a European site based in the UK, I can order gadgets and supplies for tax-free and cheaper shipping.

Why I love this site? It is easy to navigate, variety of choices, affordable price and very convenient.

Lastly, I always have with me my credit cards, passport and other valid identification cards, debit cards and some cash. These are only some of the things I  bring with me. There are still other important ones. I am ready to travel again!

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