This Beautiful City of Toledo in Spain

I am going back to my previous trips again. It always makes me feel  good remembering the memories from my previous  travels. More on that, I am thankful  with  the advent of digital cameras where we can take photographs as many as we want.

That  trip we had in Toledo last December 2011 was enchanting. There is something in this city that made me fell in love it. It seems that it is a romantic city especially if you view it  far away on top of a hill. I just forgot the location where we had a fantastic view of the whole city.  I got it now! It is actually in Rio Tagus or Tagus River where you can have a breath-taking view of the city.

Toledo is a historic city  which is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It was one the former capitals of  the Spanish Empire. It is around  70 kilometers from Madrid.

During our first day of sightseeing there, our tour guide brought us to most of the sights of Toledo including the Cathedral, Mezquita Cristo de la Luz , Puerta de Bisagra, Puente de San Martin, The Alcazar fortress and many more. We also had a walk around the narrow streets of the old city of Toledo.

A church in Toledo, Spain. I cannot remember the name of this church.
Puente de San Martin crossing the River Tagus. ©


The Guy said...

For a moment I thought that you might be talking about Toledo, Ohio. But this looks much better. Lots of history and some interesting buildings.

Bram Reusen said...

Hi. I am going to Madrid for a week next week and I was planning to go and check out some of the area. I would love to go to Toledo as well. How many days do you suggest I spent there to get a real feel of the city?

Cindy Pulido said...

Very nice post! I went to Madrid this summer and wish I would have had a chance to visit this place.