Visit to the Beautiful Insel Mainau

It is so far one of the most beautiful garden I visited in Germany.  Its  location is perfect being  surrounded by water. Insel Mainau  is a garden island located in  Lake Constance.  It is a flowering island notable for its parks and gardens. The island belongs to the Lennart  Bernadotte Foundation and was created by the late Prince Lennart.

We visited this island last summer  of this year. It was bus trip and took us around 4 hours to reach this island. The weather was perfect during our visit. It was quite hot but with the beauty of this island, you will  forget  all  your tiredness and worries. I felt like I was in paradise when I was there.

At the Butterfly Greenhouse in Insel Mainau.
 The island is one of the main attractions in Lake Constance area.  It is  famous  for its Italian Rose Garden with its pergolas, sculptures, fountains and some 500 varieties of roses. The  Butterfly Greenhouse and  the flower arrangements in its gardens are also  worth to see.

I can't imagine how the gardeners maintain and water  all the thousands  of flowers in the gardens there. If  I am not mistaken, they use  special kind of  watering system. I saw some  samples of these  in Easy Watering. It is actually  a site that is engaged in selling  garden watering systems like sprinklers, automatic watering, garden hoses, pressure sprayers and  many more.

flowers at Insel Mainau.
 I just remember now that my sister in Las Vegas is using this automatic water system. It  uses  sprinklers  that automatically water  the plants using  timers.  If you are looking for some ideas  on  easy watering in your lawn  or  garden, this site can surely help you.

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