Vacation Leave Is Not Approved

Hello folks! How it is going? Wow, it's been a decade ago since I was away. Life has been so busy nowadays especially that I am already having a full time job. I miss sharing  many updates in my life including my recent travels. I wish, I have more time to give you more  updates but it seems that my time is  always limited nowadays.

I miss my digital nomadic  life since I started working.  Imagine after 8 years of being jobless, I am already back to the working  force. Not really jobless, I would say.  Being a digital nomad, I work  anywhere and anytime I want as long as I have my laptop and  an internet connection. I  truly miss those years.

Since I started working since  last summer of 2014, my travels  are already limited. I can no longer travel anytime I want. For now, I need the approval of my boss. Some weeks ago,  I  submitted a vacation leave  for last week of September to the second week of October. Sad to say, it was not approved because, I am caught in between schedules where some colleagues had already their leaves.

Plan to Visit Southeast  Asia Did Not Push Through

I  found a very cheap holiday package to Southeast Asia. It should be a 14-day travel to three countries there including  Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.  I was already very excited because I will be traveling with a friend whom I met during my travel in Morocco last  year. Sad to say, our travel plan will not materialized.

This is the disadvantage of   having an employer, you can no longer travel anytime  you want. I hope in some years for now, I can live a  nomadic life..I will see!

Anyway, I  ended up looking for another trip. Good luck to me and my friend! Cheers and take care folks!

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